Psychotherapeutic Drugs

The advancements of psychotherapeutic drugs has enabled management of mental illness and other neurological problems in the general population, without requiring hospitalization. The success of these drugs in controlling symptoms has led to their widespread use in the vulnerable population of pregnant women as well, where the potential embryotoxicity of the drugs has to be weighed against the potential problems of the maternal neurological state. A thorough discussion of animal research and human clinical studies is used to determine the risk associated with the use of each drug category. The direction of future research using psychotherapeutic drugs should more closely parallel the methodology developed in the animal laboratories, especially since these models have already been used extremely successfully in specific instances in the investigation of neurotoxic agents.

  • Global Psychotherapeutic Drugs
  • Cannabis and Cannabinoids
  • Psychoactive Drugs
  • Placebo Medications
  • Current Trends in Psychotherapeutic Drugs
  • Effects of Psychotherapeutic Drugs and Mental Health
  • Therapeutic Drugs and Myths

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